Recommended reading and book reviews

Here we feature recommended books and reviews.  

The Druid Way Made Easy - Graeme K. Talboys

  ..This is a personal favourite of mine, and one I recommend to anyone who asks.  High quality and informative without over complicating matters.  Well worth a read, even if Druidry isn't your path.  Available on Amazon

Witchcraft 101 - Brittany Nightshade

This book was sent in Box number 1, chosen due to it being a fantastic starter book.  The author is a member of Atrum Angelus Coven and is known for her book 'The Book of Shadows; Red White and Black Magic.' 

This book explains witchcraft in its many incarnations, calling the quarters and elements, Altars, Tools, Sabbats, History of Witchcraft, Runes and beginner spellcraft.

The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology - Rosemary Ellen Guiley

This fantastic book explores the dark aspect of folklore and religion and the role that demons play in the modern world.  It's a comprehensive resource that presents more than 400 entries and more than 80 black and white photographs documenting beliefs about demons and demonology, from ancient history to the present.

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